Thank You so Much for-a Playing My Game!


hey guys, this is Zeph (TrollyMod/MarioMod).

I’m just sitting here in my bed and tumblring as if nothing happened. but looking back at that moment, I was pretty lucky I didn’t get anything more than a neck injury due to whiplash.

I should prolly add some details as to what exactly happened…

I was driving up a curve to a friend’s house so I could finish my photography project. I entered the turn too fast and when I tried to break, my car started drifting. I tried to straighten it, but then the car pulled a 360 turn (a drift in the other direction, not a barrel roll…) and crashed against the wall of the outer side of the road. it was then when another car smashed against the passenger seat of my car. thankfully, the only thing there was my lappy, and it survived unhurt.

had I not managed to pull off that 360°, the car would have hit my side, and my injuries would have been a lot worse…

how did it feel? like a rollercoaster and a giant bumper car. it actually would have been fun if it wasn’t for the damages and possibility of deadly injuries.

so yeah, now my car door is totaled and I’ve put my entire family in a huge debt, as well as being unable to drive to school for a week or two.

what does this mean for tumblr? welp, I’m going to be closing my Trollestia and Mario tumblrs until further notice. not only because such an experience has killed my motivation, but also because I’m going to have to look for a job in order to pay for damages.

I feel as though I shouldn’t ask for this, but if you guys can, I’d really appreciate a donation. anything is fine, really. and if you don’t want to donate, I am still open for art commissions. I might hold Livestreams for quick and cheap commissions too. unfortunately, paypal is racist and does not give a “donate” button option to mexicans, but if you still want to donate, you can send it to if you’re interested in a commission, feel free to send me your skype in an ask/submission to this tumblr. we can talk about the details over there.

and if you can’t do anything at all, a reblog, like, or just your get well wishes are good enough for me. really, I appreciate it greatly that you guys would take your time to read this when you can easily scroll past it on your dashboards.

I’m not leaving Tumblr for good BTW. I’ll just be online way less. I really hope that I’ll be able to get back to normal in the future… so many ideas that I’ve been wanting to draw and answer… I’m really hoping I’ll be able to soon…



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